Executive Committee


Justin Gerolami

Conference Chair

Justin is a Master's student at Queen's University. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Computing at Queen's in 2018.


Katherine Beaulieu

Logistics Coordinator

Katherine is a Master's student at Queen's University with a research focus in investigating methods of 3D printing to improve existing surgical procedures.

Scarlett Taviss

Marketing Coordinator

Scarlett is a Master's student at Queen's University with interests in biomedical computing, AR/VR, and biomechanics.

Alex Salgo

Sponsorship Coordinator

Alex is a Master’s student in the School of Computing at Queen’s University working on AI design and testing, as well as algorithm design for graph theory problems using neural networks.

Emily Kaczmarek

Sponsorship Coordinator

Emily is a Master's student at Queen's University with a research focus in deep learning applied to medical problems, specifically involving the use of microRNAs as biomarkers for cancer.

Gopi Rajbahadur

Program Coordinator

Gopi is a PhD student at the Queen's University School of Computing. His research interests include applications of machine learning techniques for deriving actionable insights from software engineering data sets. He is planning to explore deep learning techniques in the immediate future.

Avry Harris

Finance Coordinator

Avry is a fourth year undergraduate student at Queen's University working to complete his Bachelor of Computing (Hons.) with a specialization in software design.


Colton Barr

Logistics Assistant

Diane Tomalty

Logistics Assistant

Anna Wood

Marketing Assistant

Mackenzie Sharp

Sponsorship Assistant

Emma Mcavoy

Sponsorship Assistant

Nafiseh Kahani

Program Assistant



Wendy Powley

Lecturer and Continuing Adjunct at Queen's University